शब-ओ-रोज़ ( Always )

क़तरा क़तरा शबनम की तरह

महव-ए-ख़याल फ़ानी मोम की तरह

गिरती हूँ , पिघलती हूँ

शब-ओ-रोज़ असरार में होकर फ़ना


रूहानियत सी इस काएनात में

शाद इस ता’बीर में

फिरती हूँ दर-ब-दर

शब-ओ-रोज़ रूह की हर कशिश में


जाने कैसी है यह रिवायत

जाने कैसी है यह इनायत

जहां पासबाँ का हर राज़ पिन्हाँ

बन जाती है हमराज़ की हिकायत


ब-दस्तूर हर लफ्ज़ की तरह

आफ़रीं उर्फ़ तबस्सुम की तरह

घुलती हूँ , बिखरती हूँ

शब-ओ-रोज़ शफ़क़ में होकर शगुफ्ता

Practically Positive a Theory

Something brings me here

From a place called somewhere

Heading towards where

It’s unexplainably rare!


Be with me

Come along me

As I follow my words – where they take me.


Back then, unaware of every sin

Crying and smiling innocently from within

Never taking nothing on the chin

Them childhood memories

Remaining ever vivid and heartwarming

Wanting again in the present to begin

With a fresh breeze

Leaving us with a blissful grin

It’s nothing but a win.


Back then, unsure of things to come

Even while taking a shine to someone

Loving thyself before anyone

Them teenage memories

Shining through decisions – even rough ones

Wanting in the present to become

Like positive energies

For us to find a place in the sun

It’s nothing but a win in the long run.


Back then , blissfully blind to things we see

Loving and lying honestly to thee

Of all the laughs and painful pleas

Them beautifully painful memories

Hiding beneath several unspoken feelings to flee

Wanting in the present to be

Complete – the incomplete story

For us to believe in love and thee.

It’s anything but a win – are you with me?


Reminiscing them memories

Aware of every sin and stories

Sure of things to come before the glory

In the present moment

Looking for answers to time’s irony

Wanting not to worry

Of changes – the only constant.

Accepting memories – it’s beauty.

It’s nothing but a WIN.

That’s the practically positive a theory!




Secrets in the wind

Every page that turns, all the chapters you learn

Flowing through bends , towards the beginnings of the end

You’ll never know,

how beautifully you’d miss the boat you row!


Sink down to the roots through all the routes

of a flower that blooms in muddy rooms

to appreciate and sink in,

the beauty all through the reaches of the sun!


The shuttered eyes would readily rise

to speak loud amidst the chaotic crowd

For the little pieces of sun that reach in

never dim the light that shines from within.


Flowing more, forcing no more,

falling apart with a heavy heart

No , not weak!

For learning eyes do sometimes leak!


Building norms against sinful storms,

with broken wings chasing the lightening

Like a thunderstorm wrapped in a beautiful mind,

flying away with the secrets in the wind!


Covered in darkness, dying to reach out

Failing and falling after every crawl

Unaware that the darkness dawns

for something blissfully beautiful to fall –

We’re not separate, we’re one.

Understanding all odds and ends

Getting even with the defying disparate depths

Putting the odds to end; at the summit,

reminiscing the decisions of life and death –

We’re not separate, we’re one.

Falling asleep next to the sky

with endless reminisces

The fragrance of the breeze

Calmly cuddling the moments to freeze

Speak silently

We’re not separate, we’re one.

When the silences say

all that isn’t easy to say

Feeling hesitant

like a lamp glimmering from behind a veil;

we still know –

We’re not separate, we’re one.

All that darkness, all the pain

The odds and the stifling silence

is incomparable indeed to the amount of gain.

For every moment, even the breeze’s breath

With the reminisces of falling asleep

Acquainting slowly with the falls in-depth

and praying to fall without a leap –

Falling for each other again and again

We’re not separate, we’re one.

पल – कुछ आज , कुछ कल

वो पल , वो यादें
कुछ बातें और हसीन मुलाकातें
समय की रफ़्तार में
कही गुम न होजाये!

खो जाएँ अगर रफ़्तार में कही
बहाव खींच लाये सभी
उन यादों को ;
ताज़ी होजाएं वे बातें अनकही!

जब हो मुलाक़ात उन बातों से
उन अनदेखे इम्तेहानों से
भूल न जाना
यही हो , बस यही –  वर्त्तमान में!

रहकर वर्त्तमान में
लड़ जाओ इम्तेहानों से
उभर आओ उन बातों से
बहाव खींच लाया था जिन्हें!

उभर जो आओ इन बातों से
लड़कर इन इम्तेहानों से
जीतो इस पल को ऐसे
याद आये यह पल भी शान से!

वो पल , वो यादें
कुछ बातें और हसीन मुलाकातें
कभी न होंगे कम
चलते हुए ज़िन्दगी में आगे! Continue reading पल – कुछ आज , कुछ कल

The Life’s Alphabet

Aim not to Break            

Break and mould that stereotypical piece of Cake


Cake you take for the beautiful Deeds

Deed the positives and spread the Energy


Energy should stay even after you Fail

Failing if you take as a power of Good

Good your progress will be towards the road full of Hooks


Hook or by crook fight against the robust Iron

Irony you’ll understand by balancing being a Jocose

Jocosely handling life is nothing but a knowable Key

Keys to the Kingdom you’ll have as a Lay,

in Layman’s terms if you’re able to Manipulate!
Manipulate but yourself towards the New

New a slant is all what’s needed to objectify.
Objectifying but the emotions in Pain

Pain-in-the-arse jobs might force you to Quit

Quitting never is a solution through the Race

Race yourself with a pace steady & Safe.


Safe playing isn’t always a good Take

Taking risks might just prove to be Upright!
Upright views you always should Voice

Voice of your own you should find for your Worth

Worthy enough for going past your ‘X’!


X always comes before Y

Y as in why are you so Zealous

Between the lines?
Zealous indeed , but here it completes – the Alphabet!

POEM – Empathic Embracings

She was SOFT

SOFT as a cotton

Cuz amidst the storms

Smile , she’d still not forgotten.


She was STRONG

STRONG as a knife,

She knew how to cure

and what to cut from life.


She was SMART


For she knew when to be mature

and when to act lively lazy!



JUDGEMENTS she did pass

But no-one ever knew

It was just as fine as a grass.


She was never EGOISTIC

EGO she did feel

Nevertheless, it was

Just to get herself the basic heal.




To the wrongs and the cons

When her life took a pause.


She was nothing but a STAR

Gem of a STAR she still is!

Hard to find

But as pure as a forehead kiss!



When my senses tend to lie

and my eyes say it all,

All I want from thy,

is to be looked before I fall!

When my words tend to lie,

with reasons hidden within

All I want from thy

is to search and break my sin!

When your senses tend to lie

and your heart says it all

I’ll always be there to fly

with you, standing tall!

When your words tend to lie

with reality hidden within

I’ll just limit the sky

and pull you from the so called sin!


She was a GIRL!

with that cute and innocent smile

The way she laughed and cried

darkness was way beyond a mile.

She was a STUDENT!

with an ardent self belief,

cuz all she knew

was to turn each and every leaf.

She was a YOUTH!

with hopes held high,

overcoming her weaknesses,

gave her strengths a high-five!

She was a WOMAN!

A star indeed,

full of emotions and sacrifices,

she balanced her life as a lead.

A girl , a woman , a youth , a student

All that she was, she still is !

But deep inside , no one knows

she’s still in search of contentful bliss !